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On Proxy Baptism of other-Faith People

February 29, 2012

On Proxy Baptism of other-Faith People

By Yogi987


Recent news in late Feb. 2012 that the Latter Day Saints (LDS) Church in Salt Lake City, UT baptized M. K. Gandhi, a Hindu of India, by a proxy without the permission of Gandhi or his family member inspired to write about the subject.

These are my points:

  1. The intent of baptizing is good, but whether the baptized gets the benefit (salvation or haven) of being baptized cannot be checked or verified.
  2. If the faith of a person baptized by proxy says that the baptism caused the dead to hell instead of haven, then the LDS church could get in legal trouble. However, a dead person’s location could not be verified in court. The litigation case however could still be valid in my view.
  3. Baptizing a living or dead person without his/her permission is not right. It takes away or ignores the freedom of the person baptized. It is or should be an offense, and it should be illegal. It is very close to forcible conversion where the dead has no means to protest. But the living humans can protest any proxy baptism.
  4. Proxy baptizing is also an act of falsifying historical records. Mankind does not remember or retain the history of the complete past. Only a few thousands of years history mankind remembers (if not distorted deliberately). So, it could happen that at some time in future mankind will forget what the faith of the baptized person was, and will only remember the proxy baptism event, misleading the mankind that the baptized person was a Mormon Christian. This is not good.
  5. Any country could make a law declaring proxy baptism or conversion illegal and punishable. People should request their politicians to do it.
  6. I request the LDS Church to please not baptize me, yogi987. I am content with the Vedic faith, and have no intention to convert anyone. Don’t worry about me going to hell without baptism. I wish you go to haven (never go to hell) very soon by your LDS process, but don’t be surprised if you find a non believer or infidel reached there before you in haven.
  7. I praise LDS church for some things it teaches or practices, but I could not agree to proxy baptism.

My final prayer: May all live sin-free, constantly inspire to live sin-free.


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