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Hindu Preacher Plans to Burn Hindu Scripture Gita – Know Why

February 25, 2012

Hindu Preacher Plans to Burn Hindu Scripture Gita

Know Why

Yes, I am a staunch Vedic teacher, preacher, and priest; and I am thinking of burning a copy of Bhagavad Gita in public. You may think that I have lost my mind, but please wait till I give reasons below why I am thinking of doing it.

The idea of burning a copy of Gita came to me when I read in the news that the Muslims are doing riots in Afghanistan because some American soldier burned some copies of Quran. Additionally, the Muslims have done many riots in India since Islam brutally invaded by force there 1000 years ago, even when no Hindu has ever burned Quran or any other Holy Book of the world. So, I am thinking of giving a message to the world by burning a copy of the Book I love and revere the most. Here is why I want to burn a copy of Gita:

  1. I have purchased Gita copies with my money. So, the Gita book is my property. Therefore, I have the complete right to do anything with it. I have no inclination to destroy anything that is not my property.
  2. I will have a few more copies of Gita. (I always keep some stock of Gita.) I will sell those for $20 a copy for anyone who wants to burn it, or wants to learn the complete spiritual science from it. I will use the profit from Gita sale to spread the spiritual science as is given in Gita. Any donation more than $20 is welcome. Burning any number of Gita copies is not going to wipe out Gita verses or message from my or anyone’s memory. Additionally, Gita exists, and will exist, in computer memory of millions of computers spread all over the world. Gita exists and will exist in hundreds of websites. The Muslim invaders in India have burned many Vedic scriptures libraries when there was printing press.  They slaughtered thousands of Vedic preachers and destroyed Vedic temples.  Still today, after 1000 years of Islam onslaught on the Hindus in India, the Vedic scriptures exist as they were originally. The Vedic culture and dharma exist today, and it spreads only by free will, not by forcible or enticed conversions.
  3. At this time there are millions of printing presses in the world, and Gita can be printed in any number any time in the free world. The Gita verses and Gita message to the humans has existed with mankind since the beginning of time (thanks to the Hindus), and it will exist for ever. There is no way anyone can wipe it out from the face of this planet. The religion Gita gives to mankind is universal, not sectarian. The practice of Gita dharma does not take away others’ freedom, honor, or property.
  4. Gita contains the words or message of the Supreme God Himself to the mankind. This God – Krishna – came in person some 5000 years ago in India, and spoke Gita. He said that He is the Supersoul within the heart of every living being that has an individual soul within the heart. So, the Supersoul blissfully resides along with each soul as a silent witness. He says there are innumerable souls who are His children, but only one Supersoul – Himself. He says these souls and He the Supersoul are eternal. They cannot be burned, cut, captured, destroyed or hurt. So, no matter how many copies of Gita you burn, no soul or the Supersoul – God – can be burned, destroyed or killed. Additionally, God does not feel pain when Gita is burned. He just feels pity that one who burns Gita, because one hates Him or Gita, does not know the spiritual science, and so, will suffer in one’s this or future births. I on the other hand burn a copy of Gita to spread Gita message; so He is happy with me, no doubt.
  5. I hope the Islam world understands this message and learns to not cause riots or feel hurt when someone burns Quran. To give this message strongly, I encourage the preachers or followers of other religions to burn a copy of their own Holy Book in public.
  6. In the free world, it is not illegal to burn any Holy Book. It is an exercise of the freedom of speech, and a means of communication.

I request all readers of this article to please provide comments on this blog. Thanks.

I pray that all live sin-free.

Jai sri Krishna!


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  1. Richie permalink
    February 25, 2012 2:14 pm

    We need more common sence like the words you have expressed. God is one of love and civil guidance and I pray the Muslims find him one day.

    My God bless us all

  2. March 4, 2015 6:35 pm

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