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Administrative and general request

February 12, 2012

Dear students of my spiritual science class,

A few things for you to know are:

  1. At the end of the class, make sure the classroom is clean or cleaner than as it was at the beginning of the class.
  2. The class start time is around 4 pm, which is not a time when one is hungry. However, if someone really wants to bring food in the class, I request please do not bring meat (or alcohol, or any drug). This is because Gita encourages us to not kill cows or animals or take drugs.
  3. I recommend please write down your questions on paper. I intend to answer all your questions, but at a time when /after I shared with you the background points necessary to understand my answer. Before we conclude the class after several meetings, I am sure your any question will be answered. However, if you insist that I answer your question at a premature time out of a proper sequence of thought presentation, then I will, if the class agrees. My point is, when I say I will answer it, I mean I will answer it at a right time.
  4. The subject spiritual science touches anything that happens in personal lives or on the national or global scene. Therefore, I will share with you on this website some events, thoughts or ideas or solutions of the problems. You may do the same. More we communicate and discuss issues, questions and answers within our class members better it will be for understanding the subject, and it will be more interesting for all.
  5. When you understand well the things you learned in the class, feel free to explain it to your friends or family members, but at a right time, and when they are receptive. Encourage them to know this subject or come to the class, but do not press or entice them for it. This is because unless one has genuine desire, free will,  to learn, and friendly attitude towards the teacher, one cannot learn. The knowledge transfer does not happen in unfriendly environment.
  6. As the number of attendees for the class grows, we will adjust time and place of the class with consensus and convenience.
  7. The classes are free, as you know.
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